Online Fire Safety Course Part 2 – Fire Extinguishers

This course is suitable for initial and refresher training of key personnel and describes various types of “Fire Extinguishers” available and their significance and usage. Here are some major topics covered:

  •   – Types of Fire Extinguishers
  •   – Three Ways to Extinguish a Fire
  •   – Fire Classification
  •   – Water Fire Extinguishers and usage
  •   – Foam Fire Extinguishers and usage
  •   – CO2 Fire Extinguishers and usage
  •   – Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers and usage
  •   – Special Fire Extinguishers

Once you subscribe to this course, you will get the access to a multimedia content and followed by a small test. If you can score 80% of the total score or more, you will pass the test and awarded with a certificate.

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