Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Health and safety risk assessment is an important part of protecting employees in their work activities, as well as your business from any legal problems. A risk assessment is an essential process to identify any potential risks and hazards that may cause harm in the workplace. Our NEBOSH or IOSH qualified health & safety consultants can help to protect your business from liability and keep your staff safe.

Looking for a health & safety risk assessment?

Do you need a Health and Safety Risk Assessment?

Under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, it is the employer’s responsibility to “ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work”, of all employees; this includes the duty of each person who has, to any extent, the control of premises, to be responsible for the health and safety of that building and any persons residing in it.
If you’re an employer of more than 5 employees, you are required by law to carry out a recorded and written health and safety risk assessment of all significant risks in your business.

Our Risk Assessments

Our risk assessment process includes a paperwork audit, then a visual inspection of the premises, equipment and any work activities, to identify significant risks and any non-compliant issues.
A comprehensive report will then be prepared, incorporating detailed control measures in place, as well as identifying any deficiencies in practices and procedures, and/or breaches in current legislation.
Your report will include an action plan. The action plan will provide recommendations on measures to control risks, prevent harm in the workplace, and reduce the impact of non-compliance.

How much does it cost? operate a transparent fixed price policy based upon the size of the premises assessed.

 Upto  100m2  £175
 100 – 300m2  £199
300 – 600m2  £275
 600 – 900m2  £350
900 – 1200m2  £425
1200 – 2000m2  £495
2000 – 5000m2  £695
 5000 – 10000m2  £995

The above prices are inclusive of VAT

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